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Workplace Health & Safety Systems

Master Painters Association Queensland is committed to ensuring that our members are kept up to date with the latest Workplace Health & Safety Legislation information. And to aid in better Workplace Health & Safety compliance, the MPA Queensland, in conjunction with ASSA Business Services, have compiled an in-depth and easy to follow WHS System that you can utilise for your business.

To obtain a copy, or to take advantage of the MPA’s relationship with ASSA business services, who can assist you in the implementation of the WHS System, please contact ASSA business services on: 1300 131 014

Section 1:New Employee Documentation

Not just to be used when hiring new employees. This new system should be applied to all current employees to ensure WHS understanding and compliance.

  • Advice of New Employee
  • Employee Details Form
  • Employer Driving Record
  • Emergency Contact
  • OHS Policies Manual
  • Manual Handling & Sedentary Safe Work Method Statement
  • Manual Handling & Sedentary Questionnaire
  • Hazardous Substances Training Notes
  • Australian Dangerous Storage Requirements
  • Hazardous Substances Questionnaire
  • Fire & Emergency Evacuation Training Register
  • Employee Assessment Register
  • Position and Job Specific Documentation
  • Printed documentation for the new employer

Section 2: Recording Induction, Training & Breach Information

To be utilised when completing a new or existing employee induction, in addition to accurately recording any ongoing training in WHS and ensuring any and all breaches are recorded.

  • Employee Training Register
  • Review Diary

Section 3: Regular Meetings, Monitoring & Reviews

Ensuring regular work meetings are held to discuss WHS issues, training, compliance, adequate minutes are taken, correct auditing processes are followed.

  • Safety Performance Summary Sheets
  • Audit Check List
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Toolbox – Pre Start Meeting Report and Register
  • Plant & Equipment Register
  • Plant Checklist
  • Electrical Equipment Register
  • Management Monitoring Report
  • Equipment Maintenance Service Record
  • Internal Audit Plan or Calendar
  • NCR / CAR / Hazard Report & Investigation
  • Hazard Report Register
  • Hazard Remediation Plan

Section 4: Employee Breach & Notification Reports

In case there is a breach, ensuring all occurrences are recorded and responded to in the correct manner!

  • Discipline Procedure & Report Form – Record of Interviews

Section 5: Incidents & Harassment

How to correctly report on employee personal injuries and grievances.

  • First Aid & Illness / Personal Injury / Incident & Accident / Investigation Report
  • Record of Grievances Form (Part 1)
  • Record of Grievances Form (Part 2) Managers Report
  • Incident Notification Form

Section 6: Permits

For confined space work and hot work permits.

  • Confined Space Risk Assessment & Entry Permit
  • Hot Work Permits
  • Ladder Permit

Section 7: OHS System Manual

Our occupational health and safety system

  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Section 8: Hazardous Substances Register and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

  • Hazardous Substances Register

Section 9: Safe Work Method Statements

Everything from working at heights to lead, asbestos and preparation.

  • Pre Start Risk Assessment (Daily Record Form)
  • Working Elevated – Falls less than 3 metres
  • Working Elevated – Falls greater than 3 metres
  • Preparation and Painting
  • Preparation and Paper Hanging
  • Lead Risk Assessment & Safe Work Method Statement
  • Asbestos Risk Assessment & Safe Work Method Statement

Suggested Reading Materials

An important aspect of ensuring you are WHS compliant is understanding the relevant information surrounding WHS.

  • Asbestos for Home Renovators & Tradespersons Guide
  • Code of Practice for Management Control of Asbestos in the Workplace NOHSC
  • Part 20 – Construction Act (WHS Act 2011)

Master Painters Association of Queensland is the peak representative body & a union of employers for the state’s painting & decorating industry. We represent the interests of all individuals and companies operating within the industry, & encourage high standards of craftsmanship & business practices.