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Code of Ethics

The Master Painters Association of Queensland is proud of its ethical heritage and commitment to the just and fair interests of its members, partners, and the society at large.

All members are expected to uphold and respect our Code of Ethics at all times. Members acting contrary to the Code of Ethics will be asked to show just cause as to why they should be allowed to remain a member of MPA Queensland.

The following Code of Ethics represents the shared ethical standards upheld by all member associations of the federal Master Painters Association.


Obligations of the Painting Contractor:

  • To provide a service to our industry to the fullest extent.
  • To protect, decorate and preserve with means and materials of the most progressive and efficient type.


Obligations to the Client:

  • To conduct our business according to the highest professional standards.
  • To faithfully carry out all contracts.
  • Endeavour to continually educate and develop themselves professionally in areas of our trade and business practices.
  • To carry out all work in a manner fully compliant with all statutory obligations.
  • To present a favourable image of our industry to the public.


Obligation to our Fellow Members:

  • To encourage the free exchange of knowledge and ideas.
  • To meet with fellow members and associates and promote all aspects of our industry and Code.


Obligation to Employees and Contractors:

  • To provide opportunities for training, career advancement and economic security in a progressive manner to all those who would apply themselves.


Obligations to our Association:

    • To promote and support the Association objectives.
    • To establish and maintain the highest level of respect and goodwill with all segments of the industry and Association.
    • To avoid any action which will bring discredit to our Association.

Master Painters Association of Queensland is the peak representative body & a union of employers for the state’s painting & decorating industry. We represent the interests of all individuals and companies operating within the industry, & encourage high standards of craftsmanship & business practices.