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Master Painters Association Queensland is a Union of Employers and the Peak Industry body for Painting and Decorating.

"Established by Painters for Painters" Master Painters Association Queensland represents the interests of individuals and companies conducting business in the painting, decorating and sign writing trades.

Master Painters Association Queensland strives to encourage and recognise the highest standards of trade craftsmanship and ethical business practice.

Principal Objectives:

  • Assist in the interests of its members and their business to ensure the professional standards of the industry are upheld.
  • Provided members with the latest industry updates to ensure legislations and OH&S requirements are met.
  • Make a valuable contribution to its members and in particular, to the industry as a whole.
  • Deliver the highest quality of accredited training and assessments to members, affiliated industry providers, tradesman and the general public within the painting and decorating industry.

Upcoming Events

Free Training Afternoon

Preparation & Application for Removing Lead Based Paint and Coatings
Preparation & Application for Concrete

Date:  29th June 2016
Time: 1:00-4:00pm
Venue: Master Painters Association
Building 7, Shed 3
460-492 Beaudesert Road
Salisbury Qld 4107
Phone: 0400 021 704 / 3277 8646

All Painters & Decorators Welcome

Brought to you by Master Painters Association Qld & Dulux Protective Coatings.

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Coming Soon

Minister for Housing 1

Master Painters Association will be attending a closed door meeting with Ministers department, and the QBCC to discuss security of payment submission.

Master Painters will update all our members, and industry as more information becomes available.

Coming Soon

Master Painters Association are currently working with the Ministers department on Home Warranty Scheme and the Security of Payment.

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Home Warranty Scheme

Please find attached two documents from the QBCC regarding the Home Warranty Scheme and how the changes apply to Painting.

These documents have been created as a result of a meeting that was held on the 2nd November between Master Painters Association Qld, The Department of Housing and Public Works and the QBCC.

Master Painters Association Qld (MPA) met with representatives from the Department of Housing and Public works and QBCC yesterday afternoon to discuss the new ‘Home Warranty Scheme’.

MPA realises the importance of the concerns of our members regarding this ‘Home Warranty Scheme’ and are working hard to ensure members have the latest information. We will be meeting with the QBCC to discuss the writing of Contracts to ensure the current MPA contract will work with the new warranty.

MPA tabled a number of questions that we and our members have asked. Unfortunately many questions still remain unanswered however QBCC and the Department have promised to do their best to find answers in the coming days. We will of course forward to you any information received. Below is a sample of questions we received answers to.

  1. Is the new ‘Home Warranty Scheme’ going to be marketed to the public? – this is very disappointing as this leaves it up to you to try and explain to the consumer why there is an extra charge.
  2. Would they consider putting together a flyer along with a fact sheet to help explain the ‘Home Warranty Scheme’?             They agreed it would be a good idea so hopefully we will see something soon.
  3. Why this was put into place with such little notice? The 28th October 2016 was the last day they could implement the scheme as it was passed through Parliament 2 years ago and it has taken this long to implement.
  4. Where will some of the revenue go back into the industry? We were told that it is a not-for-profit scheme therefore there will not be any surplus funds for that.
  5. How will it be policed? The QBCC ensured MPA that they have inspectors out and about all the time catching out unlicensed contractors.


Effective from the 28th October, 2016, there are changes regarding the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme which will affect the Painting & Decorating industry.

What are the changes?

What is the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme (Scheme)

The Scheme is administered by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) and provides consumers with cover for loss where a building contractor fails to complete residential construction work or performs defective residential construction work and fails to rectify it.

Under the scheme, a licensed contractor who contracts with a consumer to carry out residential construction work valued at more than $3,300, must pay a premium on behalf of the consumer to the QBCC.

The Scheme applies to work for detached houses, unit buildings (not more than 3 storeys) and duplexes.

What are the expansions to the Scheme?

The Scheme will be expanded to include the following work providing it is carried out by a licensed contractor (or by an individual where fraud or certain representations are made) and is for a value over $3,300:

·    The erection, construction or installation of a residential swimming pool (need not be associated with a contract for a dwelling).
·    In relation to a residence or related roofed building (e.g. a shed):
o   all building work performed within the building envelope (internal or external parts of building);
o   anything attached to the building if it requires building approval or plumbing approval;
o   any structure attached to the external part of the building where there is no other supporting structure (e.g. an awning or handrail);
o   stairs or an access ramp which are permanently attached to the building.
·    In relation to plumbing and drainage for a residence or related roofed building:
o   building work for the primary water supply (e.g. install water tank for primary water supply)
o   building work for sewerage or drainage (e.g. work on a sanitary drain connecting a residence to the sewerage main).
o   stormwater drainage (e.g. the repair of downpipe or gutter)
·    The installation of a manufactured home fixed to land in a residential park.

Impacts for industry and consumers

A range of industries are potentially affected by the expansion of the Scheme. For example, if you perform residential construction work within the boundaries of a building (e.g. painting, tiling etc) and are contracting directly with the consumer then you will now be required to collect a premium and pay it to the QBCC for the first time. Pool builders contracting to construct a pool not also part of the contract for a dwelling will also need to pay a premium.

If you are a subcontractor then you will not need to lodge a premium. The head contractor will continue to lodge one premium covering all work under the contract with the consumer.

If you have quotes sitting with Clients, please advise them that if the contract is signed after the 28th October, 2016 this premium will be effective and you will need to adjust the pricing to include this premium.

MPA has attached the premium schedule for you to all be aware of the extra price that you must incorporate into your quotes from the 28th October.

MPA will running an information meeting on Tuesday 25th October at 3:00pm at our Office, to discuss these changes in more detail. If you are able to attend, please contact us.

There are quite a few questions that we are currently awaiting answers on, and if you have any please contact Denis Drum (0400 021 704) or e-mail, so we can submit them as a collective industry group and respond to all members.



Changes to Qld Home Warranty Scheme – How the Changes Apply to Painting

Insurance Notification Form

QBCC Reforms email sent

For construction of a new Residence

For renovations, alterations, additions, repair, extensions, or the construction of a related roofed building such as a shed, carport or similar, or the construction of a swimming pool –

For optional additional cover

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Dulux Catalogue


Dulux Catalogue

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GCA Fluid Equipment Solutions


GCA Certegy ezipay

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Free Training Afternoon with Master Painters & Dulux


Diversify your Business with a Free Training afternoon on Preparation & Application of Flooring Coatings to be held at our Training Centre.
Create new business opportunities and upsell to your clients.

Thursday 28th April 2016 2pm-5pm

All Painters & Decorators welcome!

Click here for more information


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