Business Management

The Master Painters Association of Queensland is proud to offer a practical business management course, relevant to anyone who wishes to set up a new business. This course can be taken independently, or as an elective within the painting and decorating apprenticeship. This course is suitable for any person with basic numeracy and literacy skills.

BSBSMB401 Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements of Small Business

Topics covered include:

  • Deciding on a legal business structure (sole trader, company and so on), sources of free advice and registering a business
  • Compliance with laws and regulations such as OHS legislation, tax obligations, superannuation, stamp duty and payroll tax
  • Negotiation and arrangements of contracts for labour, property, tenancy and right to sell. Evaluating insurance products and types of cover
  • Identifying and treating business risks


The course will be assessed through a range of activities, theory components, and short projects, and by the observations of an assessor.

Course Duration

This course can be completed over 2 days. These days have been broken into 3 options depending on your availability and workload.

  • Option 1: two consecutive days.
  • Option 2: two consecutive Saturdays.
  • Option 3: one night per consecutive week, for two weeks.

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