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Home Warranty Scheme Questions Answered


Good Afternoon Members,

Master Painters Association Qld (MPA) met with representatives from the Department of Housing and Public works and QBCC yesterday afternoon to discuss the new ‘Home Warranty Scheme’.

MPA realises the importance of the concerns of our members regarding this ‘Home Warranty Scheme’ and are working hard to ensure members have the latest information. We will be meeting with the QBCC to discuss the writing of Contracts to ensure the current MPA contract will work with the new warranty.

MPA tabled a number of questions that we and our members have asked. Unfortunately many questions still remain unanswered however QBCC and the Department have promised to do their best to find answers in the coming days. We will of course forward to you any information received. Below is a sample of questions we received answers to.


1. Is the new ‘Home Warranty Scheme’ going to be marketed to the public? 

No. – this is very disappointing as this leaves it up to you to try and explain to the consumer why there is an extra charge.

2. Would they consider putting together a flyer along with a fact sheet to help explain the ‘Home Warranty Scheme’? 

They agreed it would be a good idea so hopefully we will see something soon.

3.Why this was put into place with such little notice? 

The 28th October 2016 was the last day they could implement the scheme as it was passed through Parliament 2 years ago and it has taken this long to implement.

4. Where will some of the revenue go back into the industry? 

We were told that it is a not-for-profit scheme therefore there will not be any surplus funds for that.

5. How will it be policed? 

The QBCC ensured MPA that they have inspectors out and about all the time catching out unlicensed contractors.

MPA would be interested to know if a QBCC inspector has been on one of your repaint jobs, please contact Denis Drum on denis@mpa.org.au.

We have also attached information from the QBCC for your record.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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